Basic information


Start is at Independence Mine parking area on the Palmer side.  Finish will be on Shirley Towne Drive by the river.  That's on the Willow side.


Race day is Sunday, August 4th, 2019.

Start is at 9 am.  Bib pick up will begin as early as 6 am because...

Early start is at 7 am.  You do not need to register any differently or even let us know.  If you cross the start line at 0700, you're an early starter.


Marathon $80/Relay $160 through 3/31

Marathon $90/Relay $180 4/1-6/30

After 6/30: Marathon $100/Relay $200

Race day sign up is cash only.

Required gear?

We are requiring all participants (that includes each relay member) carry a fluid container of some sort.  Even in likely cooler weather and probably rain, it's a tough event.  No dehydration allowed.


We request carpooling whenever possible and also keeping an ear out for others who might need a hand.  There is limited parking at both the start and finish.  Parking at Independence Mine is $5 or covered with an annual state parks pass.  They do check.  Please don't make it more difficult to get permission for this event in the future!


Our goal is to have extensive aid stations all along the route.  There are some guaranteed aid stations (5-6) along the way and we are always looking to add a few more.  There will be a variety of both savory and sweet along with multiple hydration options!  Finish line:  we are hoping to keep the tradition of the finish line BBQ alive.  

Race information

Once upon a time, as I was working really, REALLY hard to push upward towards the sky and the April Bowl parking lot, I thought, "Gee, this might be waaaay different if they'd just let me run down the mountain."  

Fast forward...and here it is!

Much of the information here is identical to what's already on the Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay event page.  We aren't going to duplicate a huge amount of that here so check out that event for the nitty-gritty.

The concept is this: 1 mile up the mountain, 25 miles down.  Boom.  It's for those of you who want a slightly different challenge than the 25 up, 1 down variation.  

What's with the rumor that says something about a double challenge?  Relax, it doesn't mean you're going to turn around and run in the reverse.  It simply means that if you, or your team, choose to participate in both the Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay AND the Archangel Marathon and Relay, you will be gifted with some sort of amazing keepsake and also have your name(s) prominently displayed everywhere we can think of.  

Of course, you don't have to run in both events.  We would be just as happy to see you at one or the other only!  Buuuuut.... I think you'd agree this is a way cooler thing to earn bragging rights about, plus the view downhill will be a totally new amazing vista.

Course Description

If you've ever driven, hiked, or run in Hatchers Pass, then you already know there is really only one road there.  True, there are some offshoots (ahem...Archangel) BUT for the most part there aren't a huge number of options besides hiking trails.  As a result, guess what?  This course is IDENTICAL to Hatcher Pass Marathon except for direction.  

We will begin the race at the Independence Mine parking area.  From there you will have a BRIEF downhill, just over a mile climbing uphill, and then approximately 25 miles downhill of varying grades.  Some will be kinder to your knees and quads than others.  

We are anticipating aid stations near the same locations as Hatcher Pass.  As always we are hopeful that we can add a couple more in there but that's really dependent on volunteer awesomeness.

This course is downhill but that doesn't mean we want everyone just bombing down it.  That's a good way for a broken ankle amongst various other injuries!  You WILL have a faster time than the uphill version but we still are focusing on fun here.  This is not, nor will it ever be, a Boston Qualifier. 


If you haven't ever been to Hatcher Pass before, know that even though Google maps makes it look like you're right by the metropolii of both Willow and Palmer, you are REMOTE.  There is limited cell coverage along the route with no cell coverage at all for much of it.  If you're driving from Anchorage, you need to give yourself a minimum of 3 hours to arrive at the start as well as get back to town afterwards.  It will be road construction season so plan accordingly.  Please feel free to send us any questions you may have!

Gold Mint Challenge

What's the challenge exactly?

What?  Run both ways???


But not the same day.  We promise.

If you register and participate in both the Hatcher Pass and Archangel Marathons, we want to give you kudos!  It's no small feat to finish one marathon, let alone two on this course.

Thus, we have created the Gold Mint Challenge.

You can compete individually or as part of your team.  There is nothing different you have to do when you register for both events- we will make sure you are given the recognition and reward you deserve!

The rules:

* Register for both events.  

* It's ok to mix and match distances.  For example, full marathon in one race, relay member in second race.

* If you register as a team, only the team members who have actually participated in both will be awarded.  So yes, potential only 1 of the 2-3 members will be recognized.

* Must show up and run on both days.  Registering but then not running does not qualify.

That's about it... register and run!  Or walk!  Just finish on both days.



I've had something in my life happen and I cannot participate.  If I email or call and ask REALLY nicely, can I have my money back? 

Please note:  Once you finalize your registration, we do NOT issue refunds.  We realize life happens and sometimes our best laid plans don't go as we expected.  Should something out of the ordinary happen, we will work with you to either register for next year or move you to an equivalent race.  Do not expect your money back.  We're willing to be flexible but please don't try to take advantage of our kindness!  We WILL respond to requests for reassignment, etc.  We WILL NOT respond to refund requests.  If something happens on our end and the race can't happen for whatever reason, we WILL be contacting you to get your registration cost back.  We are a very small company and every single penny is going back into these events, it's not laying around in our bank account...

Enough about that.

Can my dog run with me?

No.  They are free to meet you along the course to cheer you along provided another human has driven the car.

Why is this race on a Sunday?

Several reasons.  This particular weekend is a BIG race weekend in Alaska.  We are well aware that there are numerous events being held statewide.  We believe that, when possible, all race directors and running companies should work together to promote the culture of running.  For some people that means running one or two of the shorter events that are held on Saturday and then hopefully coming to visit us as well.  We don't want athletes to feel that limited.  For those who choose Sunday as a day of worship, we apologize.  We have many other events in the works that keep this day of the week open.

Can my child run with me?

We really don't recommend it.  This is a tough event.  Strollers would be challenging on this course as there are some VERY steep areas and hairpin curves.  We can never predict the weather but we anticipate it to be cool and drizzly.

Do I have to run this course?  

We recognize and CELEBRATE that there are athletes of all abilities in our wonderful state.  You do not have to run in any of our events!  While these ARE races and lots of folks are striving for fast finish times, we want everyone to feel comfortable giving their all, whatever that might be.  Period.  Feel free to come and be part of the group!!!  There is a finish time listed BUT we will absolutely not close shop on you if you're still out there.  Please take the early start if you anticipate it taking more than 6 hours to complete the course. 

Is there a discount if I register for both Archangel and Hatcher Pass?

Not this year.  It is a possibility we are discussing for the future though.  We doubt it will ever become as popular as the Disney challenges though...

How come there aren't any race photos on this informational page?

This is a new event and we are a new company :)  Have no fear!  We PROMISE to make your race day smooth and enjoyable.  There will be race photos added to all our events over time.  

Is there race day sign-up?

Yes.  Please be aware that shirt sizes are more limited and/or may not be available at that time though.  If you suspect you may do this event, it would be best to register earlier rather than later.