So excited for this one! does this work?

I have to say...even though I'm super excited for ALL of our events this year, this is the one that REALLY gets me going!  Why?  Because it's so stinking flexible and I think people are really going to enjoy themselves!!!  Edit for the 2020 race:  YES!  People really DID enjoy themselves!

About this event:

So this is an up-to 3 day event.  Do you have to complete all 3 days?  Absolutely not.  You can choose 1, 2 or 3 days when you register.  This event will be held on November 27, 28, and 29.  We will start at 8 am each day and keep going until 8 pm.

This is a loop course.  Each loop is 2.6 miles.  You choose however many loops you want to complete.  If you only want to do one, that's fine.  We'll mark your bib and record your totals when you're done.   Interested in completing more?  Just keep going however long you want.  The course will be open 8 am until 8 pm and we will mark you off after each lap.  When you're done for the day simply show us your bib and we'll do the miles tally.  It's totally up to each individual runner how much time and/or distance they want to complete.

If you've signed up for more than one day, great!  Simply show up again one of the other days, get a new bib, and start over.  We'll repeat the miles tally for you however many days you run!  If you only signed up for one day and change your mind and want to do more, just let us know and pay the difference when you show up.

At the end of the weekend we will add up everyones miles to determine final placement.  

This event isn't so much about speed or finishing place... it's more about enjoying the outdoors and the company of friends over the material things that seem to take over our lives this particular weekend.  We hope everyone makes some new friends, enjoys some good food, relaxes by a warm fire and sips some warm drinks, and just de-stresses in general!

If you REALLY want to spend money for the holidays, there's always Cyber Monday still free but we'd hate to see the vibe destroyed.

Please note:  Once you finalize your registration, we do NOT issue refunds.  We realize life happens and sometimes our best laid plans don't go as we expected.  Should something out of the ordinary happen, we will work with you to either register for next year or move you to an equivalent race.  Do not expect your money back.  We're willing to be flexible but please don't try to take advantage of our kindness!  We WILL respond to requests for reassignment, etc.  We WILL NOT respond to refund requests.  If something happens on our end and the race can't happen for whatever reason, we WILL be contacting you to get your registration cost back.  We are a very small company and every single penny is going back into these events, it's not laying around in our bank account...

Enough about that.




Wendt Road Trail systems.  Palmer Fishhook to Sun Valley Drive .  Half mile to right on Wendt Road and follow to parking at the end.  Loops start and end here.

Nitty Gritty

Cost: $50 for 1 day, $70 for 2 days, $ 80 for 3 days.  Same costs for race day sign up but will be cash only.  If you want to change days (say 1 day to 2 day) just pay the difference on the extra day.  Sorry, no refunds if you drop days.

Time: 8 am to 8 pm or any portion of the day.   Your race is done when you have us tally your loops.

Required Gear

We suggest bringing an insulated water bottle, headlamp, and a wide variety of warm and dry clothing.  These trails can be ICY and are very rutted.  It will be a lot of cooling down as you walk the difficult sections.  We can't imaging even trying it without studded shoes or ice grippers.

Course support?

We will have an Arctic Oven tent set up with a fireplace going all day to warm up as often as you need.  Chair and probably a recliner or two in there also!  We will feed you ALL day...  


Up to you.  Results will be published with total miles over the 3 days.  You decide where you want to end up on that list.


Likely ridiculously cold.  Dress appropriately and bring extra.  You can go back to your vehicle if you'd like, but your race is done if you leave and miles don't count if we don't have your totals.

The course itself

Prepare for ice or slush.

That pretty much sums it up.  

Wendt Road trailhead is a multi-use trail BUT it seems primarily used for ATVs nowadays.  There is still some great skiing and running back there, but over the years this trail has taken a beating from vehicles.   I grew up less than a mile from this trail and spent MANY days here as a kid when it was first developed.  I would LOVE to see people on foot take it back and that is the primary reason this race is set at this location.

The trails are a mixture of truck wide roads and actual single track, and you will be running on both.  The course is predominantly flat with some very gentle hills.  The big trick is the ruts.  There are some very deep ones!  In the summer and during hunting season this location is very popular with hunters (it's in the Moose Range) and tires have left marks.  You'll have to go slow for much of the course but that's okay since there's beautiful scenery around.  We'd like to have this event here in the summer or spring but it's just too muddy then!

All loops will start and end at the trailhead parking lot.  You choose which direction you'd like to run for each lap.  Each loop is 2.6 miles long.  If you always want to go left, that's fine.  Always right?  Also fine.  Mixture?  Perfect.  Just make sure you check in with the designated timer each lap to get it recorded and your bib marked, or else it doesn't count.

We will have markers along the course to assist you through.  There are probably hundreds of miles of twisted trails in this area and it would be easy to get off course but we will make sure that doesn't happen!  Also make sure you pick out some landmarks (i.e. big mountains) in case you somehow get off course though.  Details about the markers will be announced on each of the race days.

There will not be an on course aid station.  We will have EXTENSIVE food selections and plenty of warmth back at our central staging area.  We'll have our Arctic Oven out there with the wood stove going all day, lots of chairs and a lounger or two.  We're also planning REAL food in addition to what you'd typically find at a race.  If we can get away with a fire pit in a safe location that'll be a reality also.    In any case.. we don't want people cold and miserable out there!  Make some new friends and get out there as a group  for a lap or two :)




Well behaved and leashed.  Bring waste bags also.


Hmm.  We think it would be pretty tough.  Feel free to try.  Those ruts are very deep.

Is there a relay or buddy option for this event?

Not for this one.  All miles are yours and yours only.  You have a grand total of 36 hours all weekend to choose from.

The weather sucks. Can I get a refund?

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.  Come prepared with a variety of clothes and sit and warm up as needed.  Same for trail conditions.  Come prepared for deep snow and/or slick ice.  IT WILL BE FUN!!!

Can my family come with me?

Yes!  If they are prepared for the conditions and want to keep you company, why not?  They won't get credit for the miles though or listed as a participant and are out there on their own.  We're more than willing to share some good eats too but might be a little stingy if we start to run low for registered runners.