Race is still ON!

Event Details


Race is still ON!

Yes- this event is still happening!  We might get creative.  We might not have all the festivities.   But isn't it really all about the suff...

Event Details


Did you know Hatcher Pass Marathon is part 1 of the Gold Mint Challenge?

Event Details


Did you know Hatcher Pass Marathon is part 1 of the Gold Mint Challenge?

That's right!  Register for (and complete) both Hatcher Pass Marathon and Archangel Marathon, or the relay options, and earn the prestige of...

Event Details


Thanks for a great 2019 event!

Event Details


Thanks for a great 2019 event!

2019 is done.  We are updating several details and will let everyone know when registration is open for 2020!


We need your help!

This event already has several dedicated volunteers and we would LOVE to continue to count on their support!  That being said, additional volunteers are always needed... we have a list of tasks and needs.  

Most specifically, we really REALLY REEEAAALLLYY want a few more manned aid stations out there.  As a previous runner, I was terrified that curious tourists would take off with the precious Gatorade before I got to it.  We don't want that to happen to anyone!

All volunteers will earn whatever race bling we have for this year PLUS free entry into the race of their choosing for the remainder of 2020 and through 2021  We can always use the help of any teams/youth groups/do-gooders out there with a cause (we aren't opposed to a charitable contribution to guarantee happy runners!)

If you have been a volunteer in the past or are thinking about getting some race karma headed your way, click on the support or contact us tabs above and shoot us a message.

Lets make this and EVEN MORE amazing event with community support!!!

Basic Information


A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE 2020 RACE:  We are excited to say that we WILL be having the race this year!  Yes, we are aware there has been a pandemic.  Yes, we are aware that not everyone supports this decision.  Yes, we are aware that there are health precautions.  We feel very strongly that this race can still be held in a healthy manner and that the mental health of runners is just as important!  While highly unlikely, there is the chance that powers that be could shut it all down, but as of today (4/30), we have no reason to believe we will have to cancel.  In the event that it IS, we will be refunding race registration fees (minus UltraSignup fee.)  This does not apply to elective deferrals... we will roll you into 2021 if it's your choice.  Please also be aware that we may be making changes to the start line staging area and/or implement a rolling start.  It's already pretty dang informal.  Expect it to be even more so this year.  It's a work in progress and more details will come out as the date gets closer and we see what must be done.  Also, it's pretty unlikely we will have a post-race cookout.  I know :(  Finish line goodies are more likely to be in a bag with instructions to not hang around.  Also subject to change (hopefully.)  

When:  Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 0700.

What and where: The 10th Anniversary Hatcher Pass Marathon and Relay  is a low-key, uphill marathon starting in beautiful Willow, Alaska.  The route follows Willow Fishhook Road (aka Hatcher Pass Rd) all the way over the summit, and finishes at the Independence Mine State Historical Park "Bowl" parking area.   

Cost:   Individual runners

            $60 through 12/31/2019

            $80 through 4/30/2020

            $100 through 7/10/2020

           Relay teams

           $120 through 12/31/2019

           $160 through 4/30/2020

           $200 through 7/10/2020

We have learned that local runners tend to wait until the last week or two to sign up... This makes it REALLY difficult to ensure that we have enough of the correct sizes on hand for everyone.  We will try our best to make everyone happy BUT be aware that registering after 6/15 makes it dicey you will get the correct size.  Be aware.  Register early.

Race limit :  We are capping at total of 150 participants in 2020.  State park regulations limit the total number of participants to help keep this area from becoming too congested.  These limits have existed in the past but we are just now starting to actually get enough registrations to actually be near the max!  For reference, we were within 20 individuals of this limit in 2019 (before deferrals) and plan to get there in 2020.  This may (or may not) impact participants planning to register on race day.  We will determine for sure as the race gets nearer.  We DO HAVE a lot of deferred runners and relay teams with priority for the 2020 race due to weather conditions in 2019.  We will monitor and keep this page (and Facebook) updated as needed.  If you plan to run...go ahead and register early! If you deferred in 2019, we will send you an email with a registration code for 2020.  Please do not share codes, we know who should and should not have them.  If you somehow do not receive your code, please let us know!

Race vibe: as mentioned above... LOW KEY.  There are not bands on course (unless musicians magically appear.)  There are not hundreds of spectators.  There is not a pre-race show or airplane jumps or any of that.  There IS amazing camaraderie and enthusiastic friends and family of other runners out there along with VERY curious tourists to Hatcher Pass!  And did we mention amazing course volunteers???

Course Description

The course is very mountainous, and goes relentlessly uphill for 25 miles; the last mile includes a cramp-inducing downhill, and then one last uphill grunt to the finish line. Significant elevation gain!.  Approximately 20 miles is on gravel road, the rest on pavement (at the beginning of the course).  The course is slightly longer than 26.2 - it is not a certified marathon course.

Approximate mileage per relay leg: 
First leg:  9 miles (second most strenuous section)

Second Leg: 8 miles

Third Leg:  9.2 miles (most strenuous section)

Aid stations will be located near the following mile markers: 4.5, 9 (relay exchange), 13, 17 (relay exchange), 20, and 23 with additional aid stations if there are more volunteers.  ***manned aid stations ALL depend on volunteer presence....any/all have the potential to become self serve.  Luckily we are blessed with AMAZING volunteer support at this race thus far!!!***

Driving Directions

ROAD CONSTRUCTION.  Make sure to check for any road construction at

​​​​Driving Directions to Start
The start line is generally at the downed Willow Creek bridge, near the intersection of Willow Fishhook Rd and Shirley Towne Drive.  From Anchorage, take the Glenn Highway (AK-1) north to the George Parks Highway (AK-3) toward Willow.  At approx. mile 71.8 of the Parks Highway, take a RIGHT onto Willow Fishhook Rd (aka Hatcher Pass Rd).  Go 5.5 miles on Willow Fishhook Rd (approx. mile marker 43.25 of Willow Fishhook Rd) and then take a LEFT onto Shirley Towne Drive; go about 0.2 miles and you will have arrived.

*See Google maps here

*There will be signage at the turnoff from Parks Highway onto Willow Fishhook Rd, and at the Shirley Towne Drive turnoff.

*Parking is limited at the start, so please carpool if at all possible. Cars may be left at the start to retrieve when you finish.  If you don't have a ride back to your car from the finish, let us know so we can arrange a ride for you.

Having a support friend or family member to drive your car to the finish would be ideal.

*There will be several port-o-potties at the start line which should be stocked with paper and hand sanitizer, but one can never be too prepared. We are attempting to have 2 additional stops placed on course near mile 10 and 17, but no guarantees.

RACE DAY SCHEDULE (July 11, 2020)
Bib Pickup and Day-of-race sign-up: 0500-0645
Race day sign-up & bib pickup starts at 5 am.
Please bring cash only for day-of-race sign-up.

We will POSSIBLY also have an early bib pick up earlier in the week also, likely located in either Palmer or Wasilla.  Working out the logistics for this.

Drop Bags and post-race food... 
Feel free to bring a drop bag for the finish line.  No huge duffels please but just about anything else you feel you might need is welcome.

If you want to bring any food to share after the race, you can drop this off at the start as well.

There will be announcements for all runners approximately 10 minutes before race start.

Start time is 0700 for ALL racers in 2020!
Yes, this is new this year.  It's become pretty clear that it is most likely (but not guaranteed) to be HOT conditions for this race.  The early start option is the best bet for the safety of our racers.  If you aren't a speedster, do not despair!  We will not close up shop on you and are out there until the final runner crosses the line!

Finish line:  There will be food + potluck at the finish (you're not required to bring any food for the finish line, but feel free to bring your favorite dish or a snack to share).  PLEASE NOTE: There is a $5 parking fee at the finish line if you do not have an Alaska State Parks permit sticker.

Awards:  Awards will be at noon.  Awards for top-3 men, top-3 women, and top-3 relay teams.  

We do not have awards broken into age categories. 

Getting back to your car:  There are always plenty of runners and volunteers willing to give someone a ride back down the mountain.  If you need a ride, let us know in advance, or let us know when you finish the race.  We anticipate having a van again in 2020 BUT, as it is a 2 hour round trip, we will likely only have 1 or 2 trips total back to the start.  If you need a ride, PLEASE come prepared to hang out for a while, possibly several hours.

Additional Information


We are always in need of volunteers, and couldn't do it without you!  If you would like to host an aid station or help with the finish line or be in-vehicle on-course support, please use the Contact Us form.


Please keep in mind that this race is organized by directors with full-time jobs and their own races to train for.  We promise to do our best to provide all runners with a great racing experience.  There is absolutely no reason to be stressed out over this race OR to try and stress us out about it either!

The race is available as a 2- or 3-person relay.  Since relay teams sign up as a group, and not individually, this option gives you more flexibility in case you cannot find a third team member, or if one person has to drop out before the race. We will NOT have a separate 2-person relay team division, however.  We ask that you exchange at the designated relay exchange zones, but we also won't be policing this.  Our biggest goal is that runners safely make it to the finish line and we are aware that may mean race day changes.  Our biggest concern regarding relay teams is that every step of the course is completed ON FOOT by one runner from the team.  (i.e.: no car-hopping down the course!)

Approximate mileage per relay leg: 
First leg:  9 miles 

Second Leg: 8 miles

Third Leg:  9.2 miles

The third leg is the most strenuous. 

Relay exchanges will be obvious. The first relay exchange has limited parking.  Look to aid station volunteers to direct parking.  Please drop off your exchange runner and move farther down the road to avoid congestion. Waiting relay runners should be positioned at the exchange site, slap hands and then start their leg.  

We have to add this for 2020 because it became an issue in 2019:  DO NOT BLOCK TRAFFIC FOLLOWING YOUR RELAY RUNNER.  Do not drive along them and keep other vehicles from passing you!!!!  If we happen to see this happen and not be corrected, yes, your team might be disqualified!!!  This would really suck for all of us.  It is perfectly acceptable to drive to the next pull off and wait there to cheer them on and repeat all along the course.... roadways MUST be kept clear!!!!  (Spoken by irritated directors who were unable to pass to get to the finish line by 2 vehicles following 1 team...)  

One more note regarding relay teams:  We are unable to publish relay results on our registration site.  I know...  We were going to change companies BUT out of honor and respect for the long history of this race, we are not switching as planned.  We will be adding in a results section on this website with results for relay teams.  It's a work in progress..


Aid stations will be located at the following mile markers: 4.5, 9 (relay exchange), 13, 17 (relay exchange), 20, and 23. Exact mileage may vary depending on other activities in progress (campers, etc.). The aid stations will have water, gatorade,  and other food TBD. We require that all runners carry additional liquids and calories according to their needs. Volunteers will close up the aid stations as the final runners leave them.


We keep going back and forth on this one!  We have, after TONS of discussion, decided to go with tank tops and hats this year.  

*Parking is available but limited at all locations; i.e. start, exchange zones & finish. Carpooling is highly encouraged.

*If you do not have an Alaska State Parks parking sticker, there is a $5 fee to park at the finish line at the Independence Mine State Historical Park "bowl" parking area.

*If you are crewing for a runner or driving for a relay team, or even just spectating, please use caution when pulling off of and back onto the roadway; be aware of other vehicles traveling at high speeds, off road-vehicles, and other runners.  

Timing will be provided by:  Potentially synchronized wristwatches, iPhone clock, sundial, or stopwatch.  There remains the remote possibility of chip timing this year. We will not provide individual leg times for relay team members (although please feel free to do so on your own).   

If for any reason you decide to drop out of the race (or, you signed in, picked up your bib, but then get second thoughts on this jaunt and decide to spend your day elsewhere), please let an official (any of the people with stop watches and clipboards) know, and present your bib number for identification.  We do not wish having to go on a head hunt for missing runners at the end of a long day on the course.  Best bet is to let one of us know at the finish line so make sure your ride stops up there with you.

Please be courteous to other runners, State Park employees, and tourists on the trail.  And, make sure to thank a volunteer!

And a note to read before you complete your registration:

Once you finalize your registration, we do NOT issue refunds.  We realize life happens and sometimes our best laid plans don't go as we expected.  Should something out of the ordinary happen, we will work with you to either register for next year or move you to an equivalent race.  Do not expect your money back.  We're willing to be flexible but please don't try to take advantage of our kindness!  We WILL respond to requests for reassignment, etc.  We WILL NOT respond to refund requests.  If something happens on our end and the race can't happen for whatever reason, we WILL be contacting you to get your registration cost back.  We are a very small company and every single penny is going back into these events, it's not laying around in our bank account...

Enough about that.

As much as we love our dogs, no dogs are allowed to run with you on the course.  We shudder to think about what might have happened to any poor doggos out there in 2019 with the heat!  Also, our insurance says no.

Do not litter! You may leave your trash at the aid stations, but don't expect volunteers to pick up after you along the race course.  There is a secret trash patrol squad who will not be afraid to publicly shame any offenders at the post-race awards.

You will be required to sign a race waiver when you sign up on

Potential hazards and inconveniences of the race include, but are not limited to:  Traffic (NO road closures during race), serious dust in dry weather, yucky muck in wet weather, brutal exposure to the elements due to high elevation, and/or falling flat on your face due to cramping in the last mile of the race.  Also:  rampant sunburn!

Traffic generally picks up as the day progresses.  Expect 4-wheelers as well as off-road vehicles. Please be courteous. Many of these people are camping there overnight and may not be aware of the race.  Unfortunately, there are a fair number of speedsters out there who don't slow down appropriately so make sure you keep an eye out and always run facing traffic.

Consider a cap, or visor, and sunscreen if it's nice out, and a beanie hat, gloves, and windbreaker if it's foul.

Wildlife encounters have been reported, so be aware that you'll be running through bear country.

In exchange for all this you'll get stunning scenery, a major runner's high, and a cool t-shirt or other gear!

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